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Live or lack there of this moment in time. Need to reawaken some of my muses. Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 02:21 am

Well it has been a while since I updated this thing so let's see what's worth remembering let alone mentioning?…give me a minuet to think here. Well I guess first might as well mention Abeluna and I are no longer good buddies the site has gone to Hell and so I'm gone. Sadly this fact has killed my will to play wolves for the moment. Jay will not be happy/is not happy about this but SR and the other sites will have to wait until maybe next week to hear from me. I will not post when I have no muse it feels like an obligation and today I have no real muses for posting wolf or human.

That said might as well mention the newest site I have unleashed myself upon it is called Crossroads, yes not the most creative name but it is easy to remember and spell at any rate. www.freewebs.com/crossroadsrp/home.htm is the URL it allows just about anything, with in limits, so live is good. I currently play Damien Cross (Yukito as a human), Tobias Areel (Karasu as a human), Darek Adams (Kindda Kura-ish), Seth Amon (none really), and Kari De Gekkoeko (Arashi as a human mostly) at least right now. I have e-mailed over 50 people so far, all from my Fave Author list on FFN they loved me then, but so far the first half have not responded all that well, FUCKERS!

And from there we shall go into FFN I have been enjoying some of the new features but sadly have not been working much on updates. I do have a few X-mas fics in mind, all Yu-Gi-Oh! Yaoi/Shounen-Ai of course, as well as some new stuff but very little done on the old. Sorry.

Yaoi fics to Yaoi fan art is our next jump at the moment I am updating my 1x3 folder while I am typing this! At the moment all I feel like doing is fan art collecting and trying to get people to join CR maybe latter this week I will feel like playing a wolf again but right now it's not looking good and that pisses me off. At any rate I'll probably end up posting once more today before I go dead for a week or so Ja.
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White Raven Nov. 18th, 2005 @ 01:51 am
Once again posting was done and no entry was made, bugger!, so once again I will be random. First off Let's talk about the fic I posted shall we? Very good here we go.

Today's first topic: Antagoshipping!

The AMV above is the only Antagoshipping AMV I have found for those who do not know what that means, or have not read 'White Raven' it is Bakura, Yami Bakura, and Seto Kaiba in a sexual relationship Shounen-Ai or Yaoi. Now that that's out of the way if you like this pairing, are curious, or would like to see what fans see in it download the video it's less the 2 mb for Christ sake! Anyway the fic is not my normal style of writing, those who read a lot of my stuff will get this, and is a personal fave of mine. Basic run through Bakura meets Seto one night while…rummaging around through his office. A bit of fun ensues there and so it leads to more fun latter on and that's it on that.

For fan art look here for present day set images.

Click here for fan art set in the past.

For the fic please click here…
and remember to leave a review if you hate it then please go ahead and tell me I will not kill you, even if I could. I am not the kind of writer who tells people not to flame I only laugh about those I do get so speak your mind.

Well that's it for this one maybe in the next one I will talk more but today I'm kindda quite right now. Ja.
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Ah the Upadtes fall like leaves...need sleep. Oct. 26th, 2005 @ 05:17 am

Well live has been hectic around here so I did not post everything I wanted to when I when I wanted to so I shall post it all now. After all it's not like this is read by a shit load of people so late is fine. Any way here we go skip what you don't care about.

Now I updated these two fics on one day and since I had no fan art which fit either I used this picture. I promise it'll make sense once you see what they were.

Fic number 1 is called 'As Pure As The Falling Snow' and the link is http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1643363/1/

This fic is a funny little 2x3 fic I did way back and I finally updated it. I suck I know but hey it's just a little funny thing I thought a few people would like. Chapter 2 ended in a cute little yaoi/Shounen-Ai cliffhanger moment it probably won't get updated till there be snow on the grown but hey it is a winter set fic. Any way if you like 2x3 and what to kill some time, it's only 5379 words long, then go read it otherwise just skip it.

Fic number 2 is called 'Brown Eyes' and can be found here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1589178/1/

Now this piece is Inuyasha Yaoi to a very unused paring of Miroku and Shippo. Now before you get all ew and stuff remember Shippo is a little over 50 years old and they haven't done anything. This fic was inspired by one on SNS and like it Shippo pines for Miroku but never gets him. Feel better now? All in all a sappy little thing about a one way love and how it can happen to children to.

Now the piccy above should give you a clue about the last fic I got up recently? If not I'm praying you never watched the series. That's right kiddies we're back to Gundam Wing my beginning and one of the three I write to most. The fic is called 'Hotaru Ni Issho To Dansu E' or To Dance With The Fireflies and the link is http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2616946/1/ this is a one shot mostly to get a feel for the pairing as well the reasons stated in the fic's intro. If you like 5x3 then by all means enjoy if not…well enough said.

Well that's really it. I am hoping on having to have some more new stuff up latter but for it's mostly updates. Those are good right? Oh whatever I'm done.
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The Jackal And The Cobra Oct. 5th, 2005 @ 05:31 pm

Jou's future look nice eh?

OK my third posted KaiJou fic and set all up in the past. I am so very proud of this fic because it's all my baby! It is now three chapters long and finally getting good. Story time!

Jou is a street rat friend of Honda, a Medjai trainee, and gets talked into trying out to. This 'stray' meets the sunset Pharaoh Atem and his sapphire serpent priest Seto instantly taking both a like and dislike to Seto. And so the determine Jou vows to prove he is not some puppy to Seto while Isis and Seto strike up a wager about him. Through out the fic Jou as in the show is annoyed by Seto and tries to prove himself to him while making friends with other trainees and trying to get a handle on his life.

Now it is a KaiJou fic but HondaxOtogi will show up latter and maybe AtemxBakura I'm not sure. As of right now I am planning on taking this fic up to the big battle and ending it there with those who died and those who lived pretty much the same as the show. Now this may spawn a sequel or spill into the future if I am asked enough of if I am inclined but for now it looks like four maybe 5 more chapters then the end. The link is http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1944757/1/

All fan art for this fic either inspired or used in my bio pic window is here. http://photobucket.com/albums/v212/Aishi-Cc/KaiJou/Past/ the entire KaiJou gallery is http://photobucket.com/albums/v212/Aishi-Cc/KaiJou so enjoy and feel free to take what you want it is updated when I find more fan art. Other Yu-Gi-Oh! Yaoi pairings are found in both my galleries, back posts, so find what you need and enjoy.

Well that's it enjoy.
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'What's Worth Fighting For?' Sep. 28th, 2005 @ 11:49 am

OK start that thinking!

Ok well it is time for another fic break down entry, Kami it has been so long since I have done one of these huh? Any way this is the newest fic I posted recently on FFN or www.fanfiction.net for those who didn't know. This fic came to me early one morning while looking at my 1x3 fan art that use to be just on my computer but is now in my gallery, http://photobucket.com/albums/v212/Aishi-Cc/YaoiGW/1x3/ will get you right to the 1x3 section. Now the pairing 1x3 will either make sense to you or not for those of you new to the series or it's been way too long 1 is Heero Yuy, Hiro Yui, and the dude who is certifiable. 3 is Trowa Barton also known as Nanashi he is the second craziest of the original 5 Zechs, 6, pilots one but isn't a good guy until way latter. Now these two are very much alike and trusted each other fairly easily, got love Heero all helpless right? Personally I like 1x3 and I do write to it a small list as of yet but there is this one, 'Our love does not end in death', 'Love is a two way dream', 'It's so hard to forget you' this ones needs so much work, and 'Feelings Change', enjoy 'em if you love 1x3 in any form.

Now back to the fic 'What's Worth Fighting For?' shall we? Normally I stay away from the Action Movie crap since I am not writing a guy movie, which I love lots, but not this time. The first chapter is really just a set up for chapter 2 so while lots of people die in messy ways not much happens besides some talking between Trowa and Heero. This fic compares and contrasts their views on life and war taken from the 49 episodes, the OVA, and various manga so hopefully my interruptions will not vary too much from yours. At any rate it shows how two people so a like yet so very different can end up together after starting off as friends similar to my normal 2x3 stuff. Find the fic here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2588239/1/

Feel free to take whatever you want from my gallery none of if it mine if you have any images you'd like to offer e-mail them to me at Aishi_Cc@hotmail.com thanks and enjoy!
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Other entries
» Life so far this September...or lack there of.
Not in the mood to code it sorry.

You know sometimes I feel this thing is just for my own personal record so I can remember which days I was glad I'm not a fuckin' slasher, cutter, whatever you want to call it. If that be the case then it time it get everything straight in my head once more and likely offend anyone who bother's to read this thing. OK here we go.

First of all I have been sick, as in hacking, for almost a week and a half now and it is killing my mood. My sleep patterns have been crazy often with me staying up over 20 hours straight then sleeping for 10 or so meaning my mind is static and I'm moodier then ever Kaiba's got nothin' on me these last two weeks.

Secondly I feel abandoned by my Beta Shadow has been busy and all and now school started but I have not gotten an e-mail since before her trip back in July. I have not posted a thing, other then reviews, on FFN since Feb. 15 2005 because I know I need a Beta to fix all my little grammar goofs. So I was talking to my sister, known on FFN as Rachelle Ryan, and she suggested Beta Unlimited. Now for those who do not know what that is it is a Yahoo group where writers can post asking for Betas for their works and Beta can post offerings. I LOVED having Shadow as my Beta we worked out plot lines and shared fan art but she is clearly too busy to work on my stuff now so I will give BU a chance.

Thirdly I have been doing a lot of cleaning of my fan art collection so if you like the pictures you normally see in my entries you may want to go to my galleries. They are mostly Yaoi all within the site's guidelines but there is Het and some Yuri there to. Largely Yu-Gi-Oh!, Gundam Wing , YYH, Inuyasha, and CCS so look if you want. No images are mine so if you want to give my years of searching some credit just say who found them.

Fourthly Laptop is down so typing is not really being done. This ties in with # 2 on my list of annoyances. I have a bunch of new shit and I'm about ready to just post the first chapter of them and get them Betaed latter. I do not want Shadow to feel like I hate her I don't I understand it takes time to go through everything and now you have school but e-mail would have been nice. Kami that sounded petty in my head just now anyway it's staying.

And so that has been this month so far sickness and way too much fan art sorting you totally forget home many pictures you have saved until you start going through them. Anyway there are 2 galleries Aishi-Cc and Aishi-Cc2 the second one is still free but once Aishi-Cc's paid for gigabyte is gone Aishi-Cc2 may get paid for to but we shall see. Fan art comes from various foreign sites, MSN groups, and other galleries so don't go claiming them as yours 'coz some of the Japanese sites had rules about that. The galleries are manly for my FFN bio pic and LJ as well as fic ideas all pics rated R or NC-17 are not posted 'coz I would get in trouble so if you like Doujinshi scans drop me a line I have some nice ones.

http://photobucket.com/albums/v212/Aishi-Cc/ and http://photobucket.com/albums/a167/Aishi-Cc2/ enjoy.
» Bon Fire & Crap By The Neko.

Now if you read my buddy’s Horus’ LJ then you know about this, or you should go read it http://www.livejournal.com/users/horus_on_earth/, at any rate this is that weekend from my POV. Ok let us see I drug my ass out of bed around 1:00 having crashed around 5:30 that mourning glad my family was all gone. See most of my family, well not my blood since I’m adopted and otosan is not otosan, is mostly Polish, and so huge, and both reunions were on the same day. I never really got close to my family since they die on me and then learning this year everyone I thought of as blood was only family by ink I completely stopped going. Since ending school I have become most reclusive only really talking to other’s online as my contempt for most I meet grew to what it is now.

Anyway so I’m awake I let the doggy out get an ice cold drink and divide the time till 6:30 that being the time to call if my parents were not home to pick me up. By a little before 6 my housework was done and I was all clean hair actually down as it dripped dry. I hate having it down though for my Senior pic I took it down just cuase I said I would I so rebriaded it after the photo. Wandering around the house for a few minuets I decide to count up the money I am bring for soda since my mom blew me off –growl-. $11 sounds good so I braid my hair growling when the phone rings just as I’m about to tie it off, timing grr, and it is Sheena. Sheena is a retarded 22 year old I’m friends with for some reason I have forgotten if I ever knew. I tell her I’m not going to be home and she says bye so I flop down on the futon in the living room, V-line with the TV, and get online Linkin Park Reanimation on #15 it and 20 are my faves! Not five minuets in I’m on our site checking to see which of my wolves need to post were and there’s this knock. Getting up I fine J there so a quick not is scribbled money grabbed and we are off.

Now walking into Danielle’s house I notice all these people I don’t know, or really care about since what are the chances I’ll even see the again? One Kenny likes my dread, think Jedi except wrong side and I’m so Sith anger is my fuel, which matched this Native American maiden with an owl on tyedyed blue, owls are harbingers cool huh? Anyway the ass thinks just ‘coz J has a collar, a spike ban, and one studded one that she’s all evil when I’m the one wearing a death bringger, D’s family is part N.A. so it’s relevant.

Taking shelter in D’s room we all vibed with Slipknot, J was wearing a shirt with their name on it which all the old people did not one asked what it was, and I earned D use to crawl under the bus sets to hang with me and Erica, my sister, back in Ele. school. You really can lose track of people huh? Anyway she has this cute blue wolf that I now want and a ton of N.A. looking stuff so I lived it. Doug came by and Cindy, D’s mom, made us promise not to hurt him so we all blew his ass off for a while. Once we started playing music we started to get alone and by the time he left J did not hungry for his blood any more.

While there three little kids hung out 7,7, and 4, 4 was too cute! I love kids I don’t know why stupid and happy people piss me off but kids…I can just stand. We bantered for a while I loved it J…not so much. Anyway I had fun and said goodbye to Doug when he left he had been most amusing.

J asked us to go into this abandoned house we had explored earlier and I had no problem with it I don’t scar easy I watch slasher flicks then go out for walks down dark abandoned streets. I had a gash on my right big toe so I shifted I was going to lay down but D got all freaky so I just half sat up. Sipping my 7th straight Dew of the evening started them about 1-2 hour before this, D’s mom asked if we wanted something so I shelled out for a Dew cube, we talked about dark shit. D was nervous but I would have loved to lay down and tell sick ass stories about my dreams but nope we had to leave.

We hung out in the night’s comforting embrace for a long time heading in around 3 – 3:30 whatever. There was more talking and J IM Rped some Tyler guy I did not know as I linked up our site between posts. Anyway the other two stayed up as long as they could but crashed around 7 for an hour or so. Now D is a good cook she made us coffee, mm Java!, and fried Zuncinni which kicked ass! While nibbling on it they went on about Dan not coming since me no know me no talked much. D called Dan was all polite, compared to what I would have been, but thought she was rude and went all Quatre on us and J called Dan leaving the room, like I couldn’t hear, and came back all was well.

Going outside it was more talk of Dan now I’m not very femine I don’t have wholes in any ear, no make up, and I can’t paint my nails to save my life so hearing about a man I never meet for about 8 hours kind of pissed me off but I didn’t speak up I just let them rant drinking more Dew. Around 4:15-30 j went home and around 5 I called home but didn’t get through till around 20 after. I lefted with about 7 Dews and a buch of fish shirts for my mom.

Spent the rest of the day typing for the Wolf RPG and FFN crashing a little over 40 hours from waking up Sat. afternoon. Since then I haven’t talked to J seeing as she’s been over at D’s it makes sense but now I learn J thinks…now what did Erica say? Oh right I didn’t care anymore. 40 hours with out sleep then being all night owlish the day afterward messes with you and there is only one phone I can use to talk to her on and with Heat Warnings the last two days that phone has been off limits add to that mom doing school work until midnight the last few days I haven’t even been able to IM her.

But hey she wants to lump me in with Dan and Kriss alright fine do that since I don’t care it’s not like I would be insulted to be compared with Kriss.
» Horus wanted a personal post so...

This kitty doesn’t do mornings either it’s why I sleep through ‘em.

OK well I promised Horus, strange a birdy and a kitty hm?, that I would post an entry talking about personal crap well here it is personal crap for strangers to read ‘coz face it we’ll never meet so what do I care? I make it a policy to never say or write down what I don’t want others to know so anything written in here go one tell your friends.

My creative outlet that has nothing to do with FFN is IE the Wolf RPG I have own. There I play Arashi the black cat wolf and her mud ball colored son Dmitrik, the flaky but always reliable gei mutt Kura, the White Alpha who may turn gei and is often formal like his namesake Yue, a wolf very much like Bakura and not just in coloring Yukito, a spoiled princess Misae, and my newest wolf taken form L’s site the stoic Karasu. I also play on this other site Horus is Alpha on you can find it here http://abeluna.atspace.com/ my elder chick Eiru I’m still not sure where to play her Abeluns is in a lull so most likely IE. If I do that means all my fae and two male wolves, only ‘coz the one is a pup, are Het!? Wow it seems my male wolves attract other men? I still remember when I was creating Kura Horus said I should play a flaming queen wolf well Kura is no flaming queen but he also isn’t the norm macho type. Now Yue is a calm composed guy ‘coz his brother is short of a short fuse sometimes and in the current thread it seems he has a male admire oh my? As for Karasu like Yue I had not set orientation for him since he is kindda the quite loner type but Yahto seems to like him so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

As a yaoi writer I have no problem writing for gei wolves now a lesbian one could be a bit of work. So far all gei wolves are male, since most of the pack is male that works, but with time may come a few lesbian wolves as well.

Recently The Evil One also know as my grandmother Wilma came out to visit us. I hate this women and she damn well knows it in fact she and L are both on the same page except Wilma is of my blood. You see I learned I was adopted by my father and Wilma is my mother’s mother. Strange the man who made me bite through my lip isn’t my father…my real dad was a drunk who my mom was smart enough to blow off as soon as he became violent. Of course my dad never supports me in anything I do neither dose my mom she tells people I write but can she name a single fiic I’ve done? Nope and I have 8 fuckin’ 8 of them! That’s right 88 posted fics stranger have read but not my own bragging mother. And people wonder why I spend all my time writing, surfing, playing on my GBA SP, or just sleeping. Do they think I stay up till 5-6 then sleep till 2-3 because I’m a night owl? Know that keeps me up till 3-4 the extra hours are zoned forced when I’m asleep I feel nothing.

Lets see what else has been going on that is worth mentioning? Not much just this sat around for about half a week oh well it’s up now.

» The Wolf Gallery
OK this entry is all about the site’s Gallery since a lot of work has been put into it and hopefully the pack will find it useful. One perk OF being an Allied Pack is you to have access to this collection of photos, animated gifs, shirt images, paintings, and more collected form all over and constantly being updated. Since the site is black so is the gallery’s background to so you can see how each image will/would look on our site.

We have wolves of every color and here is how it is broken down.

Ani – Animated images

Browns – Brown and Tan

Blacks – Black wolves

Grays – Grays from pale to dark

Whites – White and mostly white wolves

Tri – Wolves of white, gray, tan, gold, brown, and/or black mixed into a calico trio

Duos – Two wolves in a picture

Duals – A wolf of two colors

Edit – Edited images

Pups – Pics of/with whelps

Others – Wolves of unnatural, undetermined, or black and white images

Hordes – Three or more wolves

When Non-wolf players are allowed a folder will be created for them as well. If you want to play a wolf feel free to look through the gallery for one you like or if you just love wolves. Well that’s it here is the link.


Gallery currently at 337 images and counting!
» Incomplete Evil the Lands of the Anwe.
Been forever since I last posted in this thing huh? Any way this entry is shameless promotion of the new Wolf RPG DM and I created! If you dislike this kind of thing then you’d best skip this entry.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Now why a Wolf RPG? Simple anyone can play a humanoid but not everyone can play a wolf or anything else without hands for that matter. Why the name? Well the forum is called Incomplete for like 10 reasons but mostly because we hope it will continue to grow and evolve and also a one word address is faster to enter then a two. Now the site was named by DM since I did the forum and I can only assume it is named so because while our site has some dark wolves none are evil per say plus it sounds cool. IE is the third pack we created and it has none of the problems the others did, no lover quarrels or that kind of shit. Many wolves navigated from the dead Sanctified Aversion, the being remolded Forgotten Revenge, a dead site called Blood Filled Paradise, or one of our other two dead packs. But there are a handful who have been created solely for this site also some old wolves have changed form the last time they interacted with each other.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Unlike FR or BFP we are not super strict though we are not as lax as SA was. Basic rule in our pack is if you respect those around you that respect shall be returned unless the wolf is a bad ass. Any way we allow all personality types and sexual orientations so you play a wolf who acts like anyone and then pick who you want to pursue. We encourage free thinking, inventive plots, and active players. The board is 22 wolves strong with wolves from 4 months to 8 years though most are 3-5 so you are sure to fine a friend or two. There is a gallery and color chart posted in Adds so you can pick an Avatar and color(s) to suit your wolf and help them stand out. Most wolves in the pack are black or very dark so lighter wolves will stand out more but pick whichever color you want we also allow scars, missing ears, and strange eyes if you want them. Last names are not required and two or one word Native American sounding names are rare but allowed just do not take an already taken name that is not allowed.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Basic rules you should follow to make getting in nice and simple.

Never back talk or challenge Yahto he hates it and you are looking at death or living as an Omega.

It’s best to pick a board and just hang there if there is a hunt or something going on.

NO POSTING IN THE HOLT! This is the heart of the Anwe lands and no wolf would get there without another stopping it. If you do expect a very unwarm welcoming.

You can get a way with more when talking to Yue but watch yourself patience has it’s limits he may not be as strong as Yahto but he is faster and can be just as mean.

Keep these in mind and you will get in with no problem.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If you do not want to take time creating a wolf scratch you can take one of the ones form Adopt Me? Where there are pups, normal wolves, and preranked wolves of varying ages and genders that are up for the taking. If you have a type you want but don’t see ask in Q&A and we will work it out.

As of the moment we have 12 wolves up for adoptions and I’ll give you a quick rundown of them all if you want to know more about them then you will have to go to the site and look them up.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Leetha and Aroree Sol this pair of faes are the only ones up that are related Leetha is a Hunter Aroree has no assigned rank but she can always ask for one.

Ardar Dali -this fae whelp is almost a yearling so she can take care of herself better the other whelps.

Echar Kasi - Ardar’s male counter part.

Naju and Leytra two younger whelps perfect for newbies or players who want two wolves and twice the voting power.

Unas Aswan – A Warrior Male so he is a bad ass.

Tyldak Chei – A Hunter Male who gets to kill things.

Timmain Zey – An Arctic tough guy.

Kahvi Vok – A Puptriner fae who has to teach whelps how to survive.

Deas Rov – Another Hunter chick.

Arlownay Dunn – A Puppsiter fae who messes with little minds.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Two more wolves will likely be added this week bringing the total to 14 with no new ones until one is taken. To claim an unplayed simply post the completed bio in The Pack and they are yours. All unplayed wolves have a semi bio anything PC is up to the Player to fill in as well as anything can be reworded since the bio is not super detailed.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Any way I am done promoting the Anwe lands are found at the link bellow read
–chirp…chirp- for back stories so you can get to know the pack better since a bio only tells you so much. http://s11.invisionfree.com/Incomplete/index.php

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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