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About Incomplete Evil the Lands of the Anwe.

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Been forever since I last posted in this thing huh? Any way this entry is shameless promotion of the new Wolf RPG DM and I created! If you dislike this kind of thing then you’d best skip this entry.

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Now why a Wolf RPG? Simple anyone can play a humanoid but not everyone can play a wolf or anything else without hands for that matter. Why the name? Well the forum is called Incomplete for like 10 reasons but mostly because we hope it will continue to grow and evolve and also a one word address is faster to enter then a two. Now the site was named by DM since I did the forum and I can only assume it is named so because while our site has some dark wolves none are evil per say plus it sounds cool. IE is the third pack we created and it has none of the problems the others did, no lover quarrels or that kind of shit. Many wolves navigated from the dead Sanctified Aversion, the being remolded Forgotten Revenge, a dead site called Blood Filled Paradise, or one of our other two dead packs. But there are a handful who have been created solely for this site also some old wolves have changed form the last time they interacted with each other.

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Unlike FR or BFP we are not super strict though we are not as lax as SA was. Basic rule in our pack is if you respect those around you that respect shall be returned unless the wolf is a bad ass. Any way we allow all personality types and sexual orientations so you play a wolf who acts like anyone and then pick who you want to pursue. We encourage free thinking, inventive plots, and active players. The board is 22 wolves strong with wolves from 4 months to 8 years though most are 3-5 so you are sure to fine a friend or two. There is a gallery and color chart posted in Adds so you can pick an Avatar and color(s) to suit your wolf and help them stand out. Most wolves in the pack are black or very dark so lighter wolves will stand out more but pick whichever color you want we also allow scars, missing ears, and strange eyes if you want them. Last names are not required and two or one word Native American sounding names are rare but allowed just do not take an already taken name that is not allowed.

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Basic rules you should follow to make getting in nice and simple.

Never back talk or challenge Yahto he hates it and you are looking at death or living as an Omega.

It’s best to pick a board and just hang there if there is a hunt or something going on.

NO POSTING IN THE HOLT! This is the heart of the Anwe lands and no wolf would get there without another stopping it. If you do expect a very unwarm welcoming.

You can get a way with more when talking to Yue but watch yourself patience has it’s limits he may not be as strong as Yahto but he is faster and can be just as mean.

Keep these in mind and you will get in with no problem.

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If you do not want to take time creating a wolf scratch you can take one of the ones form Adopt Me? Where there are pups, normal wolves, and preranked wolves of varying ages and genders that are up for the taking. If you have a type you want but don’t see ask in Q&A and we will work it out.

As of the moment we have 12 wolves up for adoptions and I’ll give you a quick rundown of them all if you want to know more about them then you will have to go to the site and look them up.

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Leetha and Aroree Sol this pair of faes are the only ones up that are related Leetha is a Hunter Aroree has no assigned rank but she can always ask for one.

Ardar Dali -this fae whelp is almost a yearling so she can take care of herself better the other whelps.

Echar Kasi - Ardar’s male counter part.

Naju and Leytra two younger whelps perfect for newbies or players who want two wolves and twice the voting power.

Unas Aswan – A Warrior Male so he is a bad ass.

Tyldak Chei – A Hunter Male who gets to kill things.

Timmain Zey – An Arctic tough guy.

Kahvi Vok – A Puptriner fae who has to teach whelps how to survive.

Deas Rov – Another Hunter chick.

Arlownay Dunn – A Puppsiter fae who messes with little minds.

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Two more wolves will likely be added this week bringing the total to 14 with no new ones until one is taken. To claim an unplayed simply post the completed bio in The Pack and they are yours. All unplayed wolves have a semi bio anything PC is up to the Player to fill in as well as anything can be reworded since the bio is not super detailed.

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Any way I am done promoting the Anwe lands are found at the link bellow read
–chirp…chirp- for back stories so you can get to know the pack better since a bio only tells you so much. http://s11.invisionfree.com/Incomplete/index.php

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