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About Horus wanted a personal post so...

Previous Entry Horus wanted a personal post so... Aug. 4th, 2005 @ 03:55 am Next Entry

This kitty doesn’t do mornings either it’s why I sleep through ‘em.

OK well I promised Horus, strange a birdy and a kitty hm?, that I would post an entry talking about personal crap well here it is personal crap for strangers to read ‘coz face it we’ll never meet so what do I care? I make it a policy to never say or write down what I don’t want others to know so anything written in here go one tell your friends.

My creative outlet that has nothing to do with FFN is IE the Wolf RPG I have own. There I play Arashi the black cat wolf and her mud ball colored son Dmitrik, the flaky but always reliable gei mutt Kura, the White Alpha who may turn gei and is often formal like his namesake Yue, a wolf very much like Bakura and not just in coloring Yukito, a spoiled princess Misae, and my newest wolf taken form L’s site the stoic Karasu. I also play on this other site Horus is Alpha on you can find it here http://abeluna.atspace.com/ my elder chick Eiru I’m still not sure where to play her Abeluns is in a lull so most likely IE. If I do that means all my fae and two male wolves, only ‘coz the one is a pup, are Het!? Wow it seems my male wolves attract other men? I still remember when I was creating Kura Horus said I should play a flaming queen wolf well Kura is no flaming queen but he also isn’t the norm macho type. Now Yue is a calm composed guy ‘coz his brother is short of a short fuse sometimes and in the current thread it seems he has a male admire oh my? As for Karasu like Yue I had not set orientation for him since he is kindda the quite loner type but Yahto seems to like him so we’ll have to see how that plays out.

As a yaoi writer I have no problem writing for gei wolves now a lesbian one could be a bit of work. So far all gei wolves are male, since most of the pack is male that works, but with time may come a few lesbian wolves as well.

Recently The Evil One also know as my grandmother Wilma came out to visit us. I hate this women and she damn well knows it in fact she and L are both on the same page except Wilma is of my blood. You see I learned I was adopted by my father and Wilma is my mother’s mother. Strange the man who made me bite through my lip isn’t my father…my real dad was a drunk who my mom was smart enough to blow off as soon as he became violent. Of course my dad never supports me in anything I do neither dose my mom she tells people I write but can she name a single fiic I’ve done? Nope and I have 8 fuckin’ 8 of them! That’s right 88 posted fics stranger have read but not my own bragging mother. And people wonder why I spend all my time writing, surfing, playing on my GBA SP, or just sleeping. Do they think I stay up till 5-6 then sleep till 2-3 because I’m a night owl? Know that keeps me up till 3-4 the extra hours are zoned forced when I’m asleep I feel nothing.

Lets see what else has been going on that is worth mentioning? Not much just this sat around for about half a week oh well it’s up now.
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