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Now if you read my buddy’s Horus’ LJ then you know about this, or you should go read it http://www.livejournal.com/users/horus_on_earth/, at any rate this is that weekend from my POV. Ok let us see I drug my ass out of bed around 1:00 having crashed around 5:30 that mourning glad my family was all gone. See most of my family, well not my blood since I’m adopted and otosan is not otosan, is mostly Polish, and so huge, and both reunions were on the same day. I never really got close to my family since they die on me and then learning this year everyone I thought of as blood was only family by ink I completely stopped going. Since ending school I have become most reclusive only really talking to other’s online as my contempt for most I meet grew to what it is now.

Anyway so I’m awake I let the doggy out get an ice cold drink and divide the time till 6:30 that being the time to call if my parents were not home to pick me up. By a little before 6 my housework was done and I was all clean hair actually down as it dripped dry. I hate having it down though for my Senior pic I took it down just cuase I said I would I so rebriaded it after the photo. Wandering around the house for a few minuets I decide to count up the money I am bring for soda since my mom blew me off –growl-. $11 sounds good so I braid my hair growling when the phone rings just as I’m about to tie it off, timing grr, and it is Sheena. Sheena is a retarded 22 year old I’m friends with for some reason I have forgotten if I ever knew. I tell her I’m not going to be home and she says bye so I flop down on the futon in the living room, V-line with the TV, and get online Linkin Park Reanimation on #15 it and 20 are my faves! Not five minuets in I’m on our site checking to see which of my wolves need to post were and there’s this knock. Getting up I fine J there so a quick not is scribbled money grabbed and we are off.

Now walking into Danielle’s house I notice all these people I don’t know, or really care about since what are the chances I’ll even see the again? One Kenny likes my dread, think Jedi except wrong side and I’m so Sith anger is my fuel, which matched this Native American maiden with an owl on tyedyed blue, owls are harbingers cool huh? Anyway the ass thinks just ‘coz J has a collar, a spike ban, and one studded one that she’s all evil when I’m the one wearing a death bringger, D’s family is part N.A. so it’s relevant.

Taking shelter in D’s room we all vibed with Slipknot, J was wearing a shirt with their name on it which all the old people did not one asked what it was, and I earned D use to crawl under the bus sets to hang with me and Erica, my sister, back in Ele. school. You really can lose track of people huh? Anyway she has this cute blue wolf that I now want and a ton of N.A. looking stuff so I lived it. Doug came by and Cindy, D’s mom, made us promise not to hurt him so we all blew his ass off for a while. Once we started playing music we started to get alone and by the time he left J did not hungry for his blood any more.

While there three little kids hung out 7,7, and 4, 4 was too cute! I love kids I don’t know why stupid and happy people piss me off but kids…I can just stand. We bantered for a while I loved it J…not so much. Anyway I had fun and said goodbye to Doug when he left he had been most amusing.

J asked us to go into this abandoned house we had explored earlier and I had no problem with it I don’t scar easy I watch slasher flicks then go out for walks down dark abandoned streets. I had a gash on my right big toe so I shifted I was going to lay down but D got all freaky so I just half sat up. Sipping my 7th straight Dew of the evening started them about 1-2 hour before this, D’s mom asked if we wanted something so I shelled out for a Dew cube, we talked about dark shit. D was nervous but I would have loved to lay down and tell sick ass stories about my dreams but nope we had to leave.

We hung out in the night’s comforting embrace for a long time heading in around 3 – 3:30 whatever. There was more talking and J IM Rped some Tyler guy I did not know as I linked up our site between posts. Anyway the other two stayed up as long as they could but crashed around 7 for an hour or so. Now D is a good cook she made us coffee, mm Java!, and fried Zuncinni which kicked ass! While nibbling on it they went on about Dan not coming since me no know me no talked much. D called Dan was all polite, compared to what I would have been, but thought she was rude and went all Quatre on us and J called Dan leaving the room, like I couldn’t hear, and came back all was well.

Going outside it was more talk of Dan now I’m not very femine I don’t have wholes in any ear, no make up, and I can’t paint my nails to save my life so hearing about a man I never meet for about 8 hours kind of pissed me off but I didn’t speak up I just let them rant drinking more Dew. Around 4:15-30 j went home and around 5 I called home but didn’t get through till around 20 after. I lefted with about 7 Dews and a buch of fish shirts for my mom.

Spent the rest of the day typing for the Wolf RPG and FFN crashing a little over 40 hours from waking up Sat. afternoon. Since then I haven’t talked to J seeing as she’s been over at D’s it makes sense but now I learn J thinks…now what did Erica say? Oh right I didn’t care anymore. 40 hours with out sleep then being all night owlish the day afterward messes with you and there is only one phone I can use to talk to her on and with Heat Warnings the last two days that phone has been off limits add to that mom doing school work until midnight the last few days I haven’t even been able to IM her.

But hey she wants to lump me in with Dan and Kriss alright fine do that since I don’t care it’s not like I would be insulted to be compared with Kriss.
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