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About 'What's Worth Fighting For?'

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OK start that thinking!

Ok well it is time for another fic break down entry, Kami it has been so long since I have done one of these huh? Any way this is the newest fic I posted recently on FFN or www.fanfiction.net for those who didn't know. This fic came to me early one morning while looking at my 1x3 fan art that use to be just on my computer but is now in my gallery, http://photobucket.com/albums/v212/Aishi-Cc/YaoiGW/1x3/ will get you right to the 1x3 section. Now the pairing 1x3 will either make sense to you or not for those of you new to the series or it's been way too long 1 is Heero Yuy, Hiro Yui, and the dude who is certifiable. 3 is Trowa Barton also known as Nanashi he is the second craziest of the original 5 Zechs, 6, pilots one but isn't a good guy until way latter. Now these two are very much alike and trusted each other fairly easily, got love Heero all helpless right? Personally I like 1x3 and I do write to it a small list as of yet but there is this one, 'Our love does not end in death', 'Love is a two way dream', 'It's so hard to forget you' this ones needs so much work, and 'Feelings Change', enjoy 'em if you love 1x3 in any form.

Now back to the fic 'What's Worth Fighting For?' shall we? Normally I stay away from the Action Movie crap since I am not writing a guy movie, which I love lots, but not this time. The first chapter is really just a set up for chapter 2 so while lots of people die in messy ways not much happens besides some talking between Trowa and Heero. This fic compares and contrasts their views on life and war taken from the 49 episodes, the OVA, and various manga so hopefully my interruptions will not vary too much from yours. At any rate it shows how two people so a like yet so very different can end up together after starting off as friends similar to my normal 2x3 stuff. Find the fic here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2588239/1/

Feel free to take whatever you want from my gallery none of if it mine if you have any images you'd like to offer e-mail them to me at Aishi_Cc@hotmail.com thanks and enjoy!
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Date:September 28th, 2005 04:59 pm (UTC)


Well obviously talking on IM isn't good enough for me at all. ^^; So I read your journal entry and decided to give my comment.

1x3 or 3x1 is one of the old schools faves that I enjoy. I like it a lot more then the 3x4 pairing. Just cuz Heero is smexeh! Oo; That was so totally school girl squeal situation eh?

No doubt I'll be seeing you later. I will cheer you up, I swear to the Goddess by it.
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