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Well live has been hectic around here so I did not post everything I wanted to when I when I wanted to so I shall post it all now. After all it's not like this is read by a shit load of people so late is fine. Any way here we go skip what you don't care about.

Now I updated these two fics on one day and since I had no fan art which fit either I used this picture. I promise it'll make sense once you see what they were.

Fic number 1 is called 'As Pure As The Falling Snow' and the link is http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1643363/1/

This fic is a funny little 2x3 fic I did way back and I finally updated it. I suck I know but hey it's just a little funny thing I thought a few people would like. Chapter 2 ended in a cute little yaoi/Shounen-Ai cliffhanger moment it probably won't get updated till there be snow on the grown but hey it is a winter set fic. Any way if you like 2x3 and what to kill some time, it's only 5379 words long, then go read it otherwise just skip it.

Fic number 2 is called 'Brown Eyes' and can be found here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/1589178/1/

Now this piece is Inuyasha Yaoi to a very unused paring of Miroku and Shippo. Now before you get all ew and stuff remember Shippo is a little over 50 years old and they haven't done anything. This fic was inspired by one on SNS and like it Shippo pines for Miroku but never gets him. Feel better now? All in all a sappy little thing about a one way love and how it can happen to children to.

Now the piccy above should give you a clue about the last fic I got up recently? If not I'm praying you never watched the series. That's right kiddies we're back to Gundam Wing my beginning and one of the three I write to most. The fic is called 'Hotaru Ni Issho To Dansu E' or To Dance With The Fireflies and the link is http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2616946/1/ this is a one shot mostly to get a feel for the pairing as well the reasons stated in the fic's intro. If you like 5x3 then by all means enjoy if not…well enough said.

Well that's really it. I am hoping on having to have some more new stuff up latter but for it's mostly updates. Those are good right? Oh whatever I'm done.
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