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Once again posting was done and no entry was made, bugger!, so once again I will be random. First off Let's talk about the fic I posted shall we? Very good here we go.

Today's first topic: Antagoshipping!

The AMV above is the only Antagoshipping AMV I have found for those who do not know what that means, or have not read 'White Raven' it is Bakura, Yami Bakura, and Seto Kaiba in a sexual relationship Shounen-Ai or Yaoi. Now that that's out of the way if you like this pairing, are curious, or would like to see what fans see in it download the video it's less the 2 mb for Christ sake! Anyway the fic is not my normal style of writing, those who read a lot of my stuff will get this, and is a personal fave of mine. Basic run through Bakura meets Seto one night while…rummaging around through his office. A bit of fun ensues there and so it leads to more fun latter on and that's it on that.

For fan art look here for present day set images.

Click here for fan art set in the past.

For the fic please click here…
and remember to leave a review if you hate it then please go ahead and tell me I will not kill you, even if I could. I am not the kind of writer who tells people not to flame I only laugh about those I do get so speak your mind.

Well that's it for this one maybe in the next one I will talk more but today I'm kindda quite right now. Ja.
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Date:January 31st, 2008 05:25 am (UTC)
I love you SO much right now!!! <3 I just found a whole treasure mine of Antago/Corruptshipping stuff!!!! ^0^
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