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Live or lack there of this moment in time. Need to reawaken some of my muses. - Post O’ Nothing

About Live or lack there of this moment in time. Need to reawaken some of my muses.

Previous Entry Live or lack there of this moment in time. Need to reawaken some of my muses. Dec. 14th, 2005 @ 02:21 am

Well it has been a while since I updated this thing so let's see what's worth remembering let alone mentioning?…give me a minuet to think here. Well I guess first might as well mention Abeluna and I are no longer good buddies the site has gone to Hell and so I'm gone. Sadly this fact has killed my will to play wolves for the moment. Jay will not be happy/is not happy about this but SR and the other sites will have to wait until maybe next week to hear from me. I will not post when I have no muse it feels like an obligation and today I have no real muses for posting wolf or human.

That said might as well mention the newest site I have unleashed myself upon it is called Crossroads, yes not the most creative name but it is easy to remember and spell at any rate. www.freewebs.com/crossroadsrp/home.htm is the URL it allows just about anything, with in limits, so live is good. I currently play Damien Cross (Yukito as a human), Tobias Areel (Karasu as a human), Darek Adams (Kindda Kura-ish), Seth Amon (none really), and Kari De Gekkoeko (Arashi as a human mostly) at least right now. I have e-mailed over 50 people so far, all from my Fave Author list on FFN they loved me then, but so far the first half have not responded all that well, FUCKERS!

And from there we shall go into FFN I have been enjoying some of the new features but sadly have not been working much on updates. I do have a few X-mas fics in mind, all Yu-Gi-Oh! Yaoi/Shounen-Ai of course, as well as some new stuff but very little done on the old. Sorry.

Yaoi fics to Yaoi fan art is our next jump at the moment I am updating my 1x3 folder while I am typing this! At the moment all I feel like doing is fan art collecting and trying to get people to join CR maybe latter this week I will feel like playing a wolf again but right now it's not looking good and that pisses me off. At any rate I'll probably end up posting once more today before I go dead for a week or so Ja.
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Date:December 14th, 2005 09:35 pm (UTC)


Ahh, I wouldn't worry about Jay being that mad. Oo; I just want to advise you that Sunset Ridge is holding an activity check at the moment. You may want to make yourself known at least for that. Hm.

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