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The Wolf Gallery - Post O’ Nothing

About The Wolf Gallery

Previous Entry The Wolf Gallery Jul. 25th, 2005 @ 04:02 am Next Entry
OK this entry is all about the site’s Gallery since a lot of work has been put into it and hopefully the pack will find it useful. One perk OF being an Allied Pack is you to have access to this collection of photos, animated gifs, shirt images, paintings, and more collected form all over and constantly being updated. Since the site is black so is the gallery’s background to so you can see how each image will/would look on our site.

We have wolves of every color and here is how it is broken down.

Ani – Animated images

Browns – Brown and Tan

Blacks – Black wolves

Grays – Grays from pale to dark

Whites – White and mostly white wolves

Tri – Wolves of white, gray, tan, gold, brown, and/or black mixed into a calico trio

Duos – Two wolves in a picture

Duals – A wolf of two colors

Edit – Edited images

Pups – Pics of/with whelps

Others – Wolves of unnatural, undetermined, or black and white images

Hordes – Three or more wolves

When Non-wolf players are allowed a folder will be created for them as well. If you want to play a wolf feel free to look through the gallery for one you like or if you just love wolves. Well that’s it here is the link.


Gallery currently at 337 images and counting!
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